John Gingrich - - 778-986-5043


Adler University     2017 - Present - Vancouver, BC

Master of Counselling Psychology: Art Therapy. Expected graduation May 2019.

Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)     2013 - 2017 - Baltimore, MD

Bachelor's of Fine Arts. Painting major, Sustainability and Social Practice minor. 

Selected Employment History

Self Employed Freelance Artist     2014 - Present

Murals, Live Painting, Mosaic, Graphic Design, Painting, Drawing, Workshops, etc.

Respite Care     2017 - Present -  North Vancouver, BC

Facilitator of weekly art based therapy activities with a 24 y/o autistic woman.

Vancouver Party Savers     2017 - Present - Vancouver, BC     

Face painting and caricature services for travelling party entertainment group.

Tri-City Community College     2017-2018 - Vancouver, BC

Taught drawing and painting classes to youth ages 14-18, helping them prepare their portfolio for college applications. 

Community Builders Network     2017 - Vancouver, BC

Completed administrative tasks of low cost housing organization.

Selected Community Experience

Drive Youth Employment Services     2017 - Present - Vancouver, BC

Leader of weekly art groups for youth affected by the opioid crisis. Currently designing a group mural with participants addressing stigma surrounding mental illness, poverty and addiction, expected completion September 2018.

Elim Village     2017 - 2018, Surrey, BC

Provided emotional support with art for seniors facing end of life challenges.

Watari Counselling & Support Services Society     2017 - Vancouver, BC

Held a series of art based workshops focused on strengthening bonds between parents and children.

Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts     2017 - Vancouver, BC

Helped with administrative tasks of the non-profit, including social media management, event promotion and volunteer coordination.

Annie E. Casey Foundation     2017 - Baltimore, MD

Selected to head a team of artists in the design and fabrication of a large painting emphasizing this nonprofit's mission of helping children.

Success Academy     2017 - Baltimore, MD

Led youth with severe behavioural issues in drawing workshops emphasizing balance and mindfulness, culminating in a group mural.

Make Studio Art Therapy Centre     2016 - Baltimore, MD

Assisted diverse mentally and physically disabled artists with their creative process.

Fili E Colori Art and Therapy Centre     2016 - Florence, Italy

Worked with mentally disabled clients to create a mural design based on their art, then painted it together on building's exterior.